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Snake Removal from your home and property is a very common request for Rodent Patrol, especially in the spring and fall seasons.  Snakes are reptiles and are classified with lizards, turtles and crocodiles. Reptiles have dry scales that shed occasionally. Snakes cannot generate body heat and depend on outside sources to raise their body temperature. This characteristic causes them to wait out long periods of extensive cold and hot conditions, a habit that contributes to their secluded nature. Snakes are unlikely to be docile for a month at a time.

Snake removal can be the most difficult situation for all involved, including the snake. A snake is usually in your house to find other critters that may plague your house such as mice and rats. Eliminating the food source will probably  rid you of your snakei inhabitant. Almost all snakes that enter homes are non-venomous species, and hardly dangerous. A snake can slither through any opening that a mouse can squeeze through. Closing all crevices and spaces where pipes and electrical wires enter the dwelling will help prevent snakes from making your house their abode. This can be a very time consuming task and sometimes requires a professional, like Rodent Patrol to inspect the property to assure you do not "seal" the snake inside your Braselton, Metro Atlanta,  home.

Removal of Snakes in the immediate area can be one the most challenging for all animals. They help us reduce the rodent population. However some snakes pose a big problem to homeowners and wildlife professionals in the USA. Most snakes are very sly and inhabit in inaccessible places that are hard to see. Most people have snakes in there homes and never realize it. There is a scary thought!  One thing that 98 % of our snake calls have in common is that most of the time there is a bug or a rodent problem in the home, specifically a good rat popluation. One key thing to do when dealing with a snake in the home is to find out what he's doing there, what he's consuming and what stage of growth he's in. Those are the 3 key factors in helping a professional determine a program to eliminate your snake problem. Very rarely will removing a snake from the home completely can alone solve your problem. To get a professional to deal with your home snake problems give Rodent Patrol a Call today and get a Free Estimate.
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