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What nuissance lurks around you?
A qualified Rat Removal Company should offer:

Rat Removal and Rat Control location and assessment
Guaranteed Rat Removal
Pinpointing entry points and the problems they may cause
Guaranteed Rat Exclusion
Sealing potential openings with wire screening and/or caulking
All Rat removal sealing materials constructed of high quality materials

Here at Rodent Patrol in Braselton Georgia, we provide just that giving you the piece of mind and the piece of sleep at night that you are currently not receiving while having to listen to the critters crawl and scratch in your attic or kitchen pantry. Our services are not just limited to the Braselton area though.  Our techs run all the way down to 1-20 and up North.

Rat Removal is commonly associated with urban areas. They are everywhere they can find food and shelter. Rats and mice look larger than they actually are as they can squeeze through a half inch crack or a tiny hole about the size of a quarter.  It is like the ultimate transformer.

Many rats eat many different types of foods such as insects, discarded meat, bird eggs, spilled seed, pet food, and almost every type of food in your home. Their feces droppings and urine can contaminate everywhere they go, leaving an unpleasant aroma throughout your house, serving as a calling card for more rats to attend.

How Do I get rid of Rats? Easy, have a licensed wildlife removal specialist in the Metro Atlanta area (RODENT PATROL) come in a remove it for you, Rats can be very aggressive creatures and are a very common carrier of Rabies. Only an experienced person with the right equipment should attempt to perform a Rat extraction. The odds of being bitten are very high  Call today for a Free Estimate..
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