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Rodent Patrol are experts in Raccoon Removal in Braselton and the Metro Atlanta area. Our list of services also includes Wildlife Management, Animal Control, Animal Removal and Cleaning and Repairs for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Properties relating to any wildlife in the metro area. We also are the experts in Raccoon Damage repair and cleanup. We have a state of the art Vacuum system that lets us remove raccoon feces in a safe and speedy manner. Don't let the Raccoons of Atlanta take over your home and become the new king of the house, give us a call today and receive a free estimate!

Some interesting Facts About Raccoons:

Raccoon breeding season in Atlanta is Late January to Early February.
Raccoons have on average 3 to 4 young a year, so they are busy.
Raccoons are The most destructive animals we have to clean up after.
The Raccoon does a little over 22 million dollars of damage a year in home owner insurance claims.
Once a Raccoon takes up residence at your home, It will not go easy. Raccoons are very territorial and will defend their "home" with great vigor, attacking a lunging at whatever comes there way.
An average size Raccoon averages 22-30 lbs.
Raccoons can be found all through Georgia.

How Do I get rid of raccoons? Simple, Have a licensed wildlife removal specialist come in a remove it for you, Raccoons can be very aggressive creatures and are a very common carrier of Rabies. Only an experienced professional with the right equipment should attempt to perform a raccoon extraction. The odds of being bitten are very high and should not be a risk that you should take..
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