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Rodent Patrol provides exclusion and prevention animal control services to Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta and Braselton Georgia residents, including providing animal removal services, dead or alive. We specialize in Bat removal, Raccoon removal, Bird removal, Squirrel removal, Woodchuck removal, Mole removal, Skunk removal, and Snake removal in the local community encompassing a 30 mile radius around Gainesville. After the wildlife is removed, Rodent Patrol can repair around the entry point or points, sealing it to prevent unwanted wildlife from entering your home.

Rodent Patrol can also evaluate your home to determine vulnerable points of entry before nuissance wildlife have the opportunity to enter. We can seal or modify the habitat to reduce the likelihood of wildlife, or small animals moving in. Prevention significantly reduces the chance of future property damage and problem.

If you hear something crawiling in your attic, scratching and scurrying, the last thing you want is an infestation.  Animal smells and excrement can be a calling card for years to come and once the flood gates to the outside critter world opens, it is difficult to keep them out on your own.  This is where our knowledge of these animals come into play.  We know their habits and typical entry points and will clean and seal our way to exclusion.

The next time you need the assistance of an experienced animal control service, Rodent Patrol is the only name you'll need to remember. We have years of experience in animal removal under our belts, and are the most experienced and knowledgeable animal control company. Even if you're not certain your problem is due to a wild animal, ask for an inspection of your property. It is FREE!  Don't take chances with your home. Call 678-836-3889 today for our animal removal service and show unwanted four-legged intruders the door for good!
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